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We are the world's 
smallest creative agency;
or maybe the world's biggest,
you decide.

With a focus on strategy in design and communication, our agency operates on a brand new new integrated approach -   

   the virtual collective model.  

Better for you, better for us.


So, what's the deal?

Think of us a multi-discipline creative studio you want to hire , except that we don't really exist in the physical space. So instead of having an office which you as a client are ultimately paying for, we are completely virtual. With small partner operating bases in Mumbai and Toronto, The Cat's Pajamas studio thus happens to be spread out in shared work spaces and home offices all across the world. We're global as we are local. Glocal. 

With no full-time design employees, we have no agenda to sell you any particular solutions based on resource availability, margins, or any factors in OUR comfort control. Driven by passion and pure love for design, we thus recommend what's best for your brand and then custom-build the correct team of specialists to deliver from every available discipline. 

No, we're not just a freelance talent pool of designers and communicators.

We're a full-service creative agency which utilizes freelance talent optimally.


Our belief in design thinking keeps people at the center of every process. So we prefer to work with long-lasting truths than fashionable trends, and operate on an eye-to-eye level with our client partners, creative collaborators and the people that buy and use your brand. Our aim is to cut the clutter and to provide your brand with a shiny new personality, sans any distractions. 


  years of experience  




  projects worked on  



100% domain-agnostic.
Always were.
Always will be.

Stuff you don't
pay for in
our quote. 



   The snazzy design studio with fancy furniture 


   Full-time design employees and subsequent overheads  


  Expensive coffees during a brain storming session  

  The high-speed internet connection we mostly use for Netflix  

   Our very-regular technical breakdowns and software upgrades  

   Client meeting travel cost (which could have been an email)  

   Project completion after-party drinks  

     Oh we can really go on, but you get the point, right?

CPJ Design - Home Page - Office Scenario



Is Our


*No Conditions Apply.

Putting people in the creative industries to work in an office, during set hours, has never felt right. At The Cat's Pajamas, our business model is designed with a focus to snap out of this routine Industrial Revolution hangover. Not only does remote working give our people the freedom to work in ways that suit them, but it also allows them to explore the prospect of working alongside the best design practitioners in the world, not just the best in the office.  It is more rounded, balanced and inspired.




Global talent  

Our people talent is not restricted to the best in your office or your city. We work with the best from anywhere in the world.

Increased productivity  

We all work from our comfort zones to push your comfort zones each day. The struggle is real. The output, priceless.

Inspired solutions  

With no fixed office space, we can be wherever your customers are; or where that sudden inspiration takes us.

Better connected  

With technology as a native talent, we’re prepared to communicate and collaborate across geographies and distances. We're always within your reach and we don't mind it.


You save on fees while we save on overheads. It's a winning combo. 

CPJ Design - Home Page - Office Scenario
CPJ Design - Home Page - Virtual Working Representation
We offer large-firm expertise combined with small-firm responsiveness.
We love big messy challenges as much as we love the simple stuff. We are opinionated and passionate. Yeah, we do talk a lot about strategy and approach, but in the end, we only want to create stuff that makes you happy; something that you see as a value-add. 

Let's Build Something Human

Challenge Us

Is a business decision keeping you up at night? Tell us if we can creatively help you and we'll get back with some ideas. 

Collaborate With Us

We’re always looking for great talent from around the world. Send in your portfolio and let’s see if we’re a match.

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Catch up on the details about our passion-driven company in this specially curated ligature.

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