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In an era of marketing generalists, we concentrate on doing  a few things really, really well.

Others, not so much. 
And that’s okay. 

Niche Rules

We focus on branding and storytelling, which means we can design you a beautiful brand or campaign; help tell your story in the media or through influencers; and create great buzzworthy campaigns to get attention for your brand.


of course, we’ll help you with the other big things, small things, and in-between things too!    

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services

Sales Pitch Presentations         Investor Presentations
Town Hall Presentations 
Conference Presentations       Educational Presentations
Technology Presentations       Presentations With Special Needs

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services4

Packaging Design             

Brand Campaigns 
Print Design & OOH Media Design   Space & Retail Design

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services7

Responsive Website Build & Design   Mobile Application Build & Design 

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services2

Brand Positioning              

Brand Name 
Brand Architecture            

Tone of Voice

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services5

Brochures & Flyers Design         

Print Books Design 

Newsletter Design
Infographics & Email Design        Poster Design


CPJ Design - Home Page - Services8

Student Portfolio Build             

Website & Online Content 
Creative Copywriting            

Business Writing

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services3

Brand Identity Design             

Logo Design 
Brand Visual Language         

Brand Stationery

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services6

Social Media Design             

Search Engine Optimization 
Blog Setup & Maintainence        LinkedIn Page Management

CPJ Design - Home Page - Services9

Let's Collaborate?

It's time for intelligence

to have some fun.

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